Mr. Somsak has been a fish breeder for over thirty years and now has become the foremost leading expert in the field of ornamental fish especially discus.

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Somsak Discus Farm is a pioneer breeder and trader of discus in Thailand. The farm has been a most reliable source of supply to many local ornamental fishes exporters before it started up its own export business some years ago. Our present export markets include Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy and Finland.

Mr. Somsak Cheewaphutthisakun, the founder and owner of the farm, has more than 30 years experience in breeding various species of discus. He started out with Red Brown specie and Royal specie, then later developed Pigeon Blood specie. Up to now, the farm has developed altogether more than 20 species (see pictures).

At present, our farm keeps a stock of more than 100,000 discus, various in species. Our farm is free of infectious diseases. Our discus have won many trophies in several discus contests organized at several ornamental fish exhibitions in and outside Thailand. Our farm has gained an outstanding recognition from international discus magazines in Germany, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. The farm has its stories and products published in Discus Year Book 1997-1999 and 1999-2000.

We also trade other high quality fish from our own farm as well as from selected farms who practice good farm management. We are cooperating with a network of high quality fish farmers. Clients are kindly requested to check our reputation and work record with the Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute at the Thai Department of Fisheries (DOF).