Somsak Discus Farm is a pioneer breeder and trader of discus in Thailand. The farm has been a most reliable source of supply to many local ornamental fishes exporters before it started up its own export business some years ago. Our present export markets include Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy and Finland.

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Mr. Somsak and Vipapan

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Mobile : (+66)8-6752-3229
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Introduction : Mr. Somsak has been a fish breeder for over thirty years and now has become the foremost leading expert in the field of ornamental fish especially discus.

Company profile : The Somsak Discus Farm has been in operation for over thirty years as fish breeder and exporter. The farm is located in urban Bangkok Metropolis and is well known to all local and foreign fish exporters / importers.

New product : Somsak Discus Farm enjoys the reputation of best breeder of discus in Thailand. Recently, he started up a new product line of complete fish food which ideal for all midwater and bottom feeding fish. This fish feed contains the best ingredients, minerals and vitamins as a result of several years of research by outstanding scientists.

New Fish Food is the sinking type and does not float on surface. This food product is made from all natural ingredients of spiral algae called Spirulina.

We have made special effort to prepare feed for ornamental fish such as Cichlids and Discus.

We can provide Health Certificate for customer, however, the cost of US$ 25 as well as actual costs of air freight are required to be paid by customers. Processing time required for Health Certificate is approximately 7 days
Special formula for Discus (Pompadour in Thai) :

1. Spirulina Formula for all species of Discus. After feeding for a while you can see perfect beautiful results.

2. Red Group Formula feeding will enhance brilliant and bold red colour. For all species with red spots and stripes, the red color will be more prominent. This formula also enables fast growth and strong health.
Special formula for Flower Horn (Cichlids) :
Special formula for all tropical fish (Ornamental) :

The main ingredients include Spirulina which will enhance colour on body and promote growth and good strong health with beautiful looks.

For tropical fish such as Gold Fish, Koi, Peacocktail, Siam Fighting Fish, etc. The ingredients include Spirulina, plenty of vitamin E, protien and minerals to enchance brilliant colour and to promote growth, strong health and beautiful appearance.
Feeding Advice : Normal feeding is 2-3 times daily. Feeding can also be whenever needed to suit number of fish and size.